This email was sent to registered sellers with suggestions on what to bring. Seller specific information has been removed and helpful links added.


Kids bored? Make a game with the Kidsignments Treasure Hunt!
Have them help collect items for you to sell and challenge them with:
1) Most categories found - be as creative as you like with this one!
2) Most items collected
3) Highest priced item
4) Smallest item
5) Biggest item
6) Silliest item
7) Items that begin with the letter A,B,C,etc

Sentimental item your child outgrew but can't seem to part with? Have some fun and enjoy it with them! Have your teen read you that Dr. Seuss book they love and have some fun!

Exploring may keep them off the electronic devices and who know - maybe they will find some things they forgot they had and entertainment for the day - found!

I am sure you can create more categories! Post on our Facebook page to share with us!

You probably will want to set some ground rules like….you can't sell your sister's stuff, anything in the fridge, etc.
You may want to wait to check your attic, garage, outside in the yard or even in your basement until it warms up!

To give you some items about what you can put in the sale, here is a list of what to find in each of our 2 buildings:

      Playsets - Fisher Price Type, Melissa & Doug, Etc
      Musical Toys - Both Older Kid And Toddler
      Pretend Play - Cooking, Building, Cleaning, Etc
      Animals And Playsets - Horses, Dinos, My Little Pony, Etc
      Rescue Heroes
      Vehicles / Hot Wheels Sets
      Action Figures
      Building Toys (Lego, Knex, Etc)
      Tiny Playsets - Num Noms, Shopkins, Etc
      Stuffed Animals
      Doll Houses
      Dolls & Accessories
      Child Size Furniture
      Child Room Rug
      Pop Up Tents
      Ball Pits
      Large Toys
      Toy Boxes
      Clothing Hampers
      Step Stools
      Barbie\Barbie Type & Accessories
      Ride-On Toys
      Big Plastic Toys
      Outdoor Toys
      Large Play Sets
      Bikes/Bike Carriers
      Sporting Equipment/Helmets
      Basketball Hoops
      Sport Nets
      Tennis Rackets
      Sports Gloves
      Golf Clubs
      Equestrian Items
      Water Sporting Items
      Game Tables
      Nerf Fun
    • Baby Equipment - Must Be Less Than 5 Years Old
      Pack And Plays
      Potty Seats
      Swings/High Chairs
      Car Seats
      Baby Backpacks
      Johnny Jump Ups
      Bouncy Seats/Bumbos
      Diaper Genies
      Baby Baths
      Baby Gates
      Activity Blankets
      Activity Boxes


These items go to the Clothing & More Building:
All Clothing - Spring/Summer Type
0-16 Boys/Girls Clothing
Young Men/Junior Clothing
Maternity \Nursing Clothing
Short Sleeve And Sleeveless Shirts\Tops
Capris(Summer Colors)
Dance Wear
Dress Up
Easter Dresses/Suits
Light Jackets
Matching Sibling Outfits (Mother Daughter, Multiples, Coordinating Family Outfits, Etc)
School Spirit Wear(Short Sleeve Only)
Sports Wear
Fancy Dresses\Prom Dresses
Backpacks (School Type)
Shoes, Sandals, Water Shoes, Boots, Etc
Changing Tables\Dressers
Furniture (Fully Assembled)
Rocking Chairs
Bedding - Infant, Toddler, Boy\Girl
Pictures / Frames
Room Decor
Sleeping Bags
Infant Items (Non Equipment)
Small Sized Infant And Toddler Toys (Larger ones go to the 2nd building)
Video Games, Accessories & Systems
Cake Pans
Kids Aprons

Art Supplies and Related Toys
Creative Play Toys
Board Games
Dvds (Kids & Family Friendly Only) & CDs
Electronic Play Toys
Flash Cards
Trading Cards
Travel Games
Video Games & Systems

Infant Items

Basically, if it is not on the don't lists below and an item for use when expecting or for an infant up to a teenager, there is probably a place for it here!

Reminder about the "The Don't List" - Due to the inability to easily determine which of the following have been recalled, could contain lead or regulated plastics, sanitary reasons and concern for safe usage of these items, we will not be accepting the following items in addition to not accepting any recalled items:

• Baby Bottles or ANY item related to food consumption such as plates, sippy cups, silverware
• Jewelry (numerous lead recalls)
• Teething Toys
• Polly Pockets only Larger size without any magnets can be accepted)
• Magnetix or other similar type magnetic toys due to recalls and CPSC alerts on these items
• Mattresses
• Painted wooden toys (except Brio or those made in USA) Wooden puzzles must have printed manufacturer information on them or you cannot verify they are okay.
• Vinyl Children’s books (bath time books)
• Car Seats older than 5 years
• Cribs - we cannot accept any cribs - laws are in place that make it illegal to pretty much sell any preloved crib including converted toddler bed from a crib
• Strollers, Exersaucers, high chairs, infant swings, or other large baby equipment item older than 5 years
• Dollar Store/Dollar Tree or similar type items
• Grab Bags that do not contain all of the same items (it is too hard for us to confirm what is in the bags if we are unable to see the items well)
• Any recalled item even if the recall has been done since it is impossible for us to verify this

If you provide an email from the manufacturer stating that a painted wood item does not contain ANY lead and is not recalled, we will accept it. You will need to bring a copy of the email.

We also do not accept the below and any other non childrens type of items:
• Household items
• Decorative home items (candles, living room paintings, family room lamps, etc)
• Breakables (mirrors, porcelain dolls, figurines, etc)
• Free items that were given away such as free items at childbirth
• Body paint,body art
• Cook books for adults
• Magazines or coffee table type books
• Textbooks except homeschool curriculum
• Bedding larger than full size
• Food items
• Junior items older than 3 years or not current styles
• Maternity items older than 3 years
• Ladies clothing - We cannot emphasize this enough - we do not accept ladies clothing
• Ladies handbags
• Ladies shoes (limited to only Jr brands listed
• Underwear
• Disposable diapers(unopened or opened package)
• Food items
• Lotions, powders or liquids
• T-shirts that are of the 'someone went to somewhere and I got was this t-shirt' type
• Non-family movies
• TV's, DVD players, computers, printers and other types of these electronic items.
• Computer Software

We know you will use your best judgment when deciding what to bring.