Interested in Helping?
Our spots for helping at the February 2015 event are now filled. Please make sure to sign up early for helping in our Fall event so you don't miss out!

Volunteering at this event is hard work, but the benefits of helping are very rewarding! Helpers have a lot of fun and a lot of amazing perks that regular sellers and shoppers don’t get!

So is being a "Regular Helper" really that great? You tell us....

  • YES! You get to shop BEFORE the sellers AND the public!
  • YES! Helpers get entered in drawings for special shopping credits during many shifts which you can spend at the sale!
  • YES! All helpers are guaranteed a spot to sell! (You still have to register, but will get a spot for sure!)
  • YES! Jeri's husband is a chef and he prepares complimentary food for helpers during the sale shifts!
  • YES! Jeri provides snacks and drinks for helpers... including chocolate!
  • YES! We have an annual "After Easter" potluck picnic and egg hunt for helpers and their family!

Sorry, children are NOT permitted during volunteer shifts. (We had to say no to something!)

Oh and did we mention getting to shop at the 1/2 price helper preview event, and being able to purchase items during your cleanup shift with a 30% reduction… even off items that are already reduced by 50%?  Pretty tempting isn't it?  You’ll be amazed at what you can find even on the last day of the sale!

So what classifies you as a "Regular Helper"?
Our "Regular Helpers" will be required to help a MINIMUM of three (3) shifts, including preview night(returning helpers only), a regular shift, and a clean-up shift.   Most ‘traditional’ shifts are about 6 hours and can involve a wide variety of tasks, ranging from assembling boxes, organizing items on the sales floor, helping with check-ins, cutting tags at check-out, assisting shoppers, straightening items, and more!

And don’t forget, the more shifts you volunteer for- the earlier you get to shop on helper’s preview day!

Please make sure you are on our mailing list so you know when we open for requests to help!



Can't commit to being a "Regular Helper"? Become a 3-hour helper!

Don't have anything to sell?  Didn’t get a sellers spot but really want to shop the preview? We have a very limited number of 3-hour helper spots available at each event. In return for helping to sort items during our check-in shifts, you will receive a pass allowing you to participate in the seller's preview event!

Please make sure you are on our mailing list so you know when we open for requests to help for future events!