Junior and Young Mens Clothing for Fall Event Exceptions

Kidsignments has done several trials at our Fall Event of Young Men and Junior clothing that went very well. We accepted CERTAIN BRANDS of short sleeved and other items that we typically only accept in the Spring event. We are going to offer this again this Fall and include size Kids 14 kids clothing and larger as well as JR and YM items. Sorry, no other sizes are included.

If sellers do not follow the rules and bring items other than the brands/type listed below, we may discontinue this so please make sure to follow the guidelines. The items below are in addition to the fall items we normally accept at this event. For fall/winter clothing in these sizes, any brand is fine.

Remember, junior clothing and young mens clothing accepted are TEEN clothing items only! Please do not bring ladies or regular mens wear.
We will have a special checkin for these sized items to ensure no ladies items or placed in the event. This is to help ensure our young teen shoppers are not discouraged by having to sort through these items and our helpers do not have to also sort through these items at cleanup since ladies items do not sell here.

Since high school boys typically wear long shorts & short sleeve shirts in the fall and winter AND some high end brands DO NOT go on sale during this time for a REASONABLE price, we will be accepting high end brand name of these spring/summer type items. We will accept popular items for junior girls clothing for the same reason. We are not accepting other brands since they are available for reasonably low sale prices during this time and prior trials showed that those items do not sell at the fall event.

Athletic Brands: Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, North Face, Puma and similar higher end sporty brands. This includes shorts, short sleeve shirts, leggings, yoga type pants and other type of athletic wear and athleisure wear.

Other Brands included are: J Crew(™), Tommy Hilfiger(™) , Hollister(TM), Lacoste(TM), Express(TM), Ralph Lauren(TM), Urban Outfitters(™) & SIMILAR high end brands. We are also including American Eagle and since it is also very popular and sold very well last Fall too as well as Coast, Southern TIde, Vineyard Vines &Onward Reserve. If you would like us to consider other brands, please email us and we will consider them.

Not Included: Old Navy(TM), Gap(TM), H&M, Forever 21, Target(TM)/Walmart(TM)/K-Mart(TM)/Kohl(TM)
/etc Brands (please see special note on Shorts accepted)

Due to the decrease in popularity of these 2 brands they are no longer included except for young men shorts only
- no other items except shorts will be accepted in these brands: Abercrombie and Fitch(TM) & Aeropostale

By special request from sellers and shoppers -
we will accept Old Navy and Gap young mens very well priced (you must compete with the sale racks in retail stores!) fall type shorts-Khaki and Cargo type only. No other items from these 2 brands.

We will accept Hollister but like all Junior and young men's items, they must be current and in style (not less than 3 years old). Older items with heavy branding on the front of them will not be accepted as teens do not wear these like they did previously.

Sizes: Young mens's sizes and Junior girls sizes (anything size 14 kids and larger)
Young Mens Items: High End long shorts or plain shorts & short sleeve collared shirts and t-shirts.

Junior Items: short sleeve shirts and dresses if 'fall/winter' colors, t-shirts. Camisoles will only be accepted if they are one of the brands listed and sold with a shirt layered on top of them as a 2 piece set. Sorry, no girls shorts since these brands to do not make acceptable school wear short generally. Capris are fine as long as they are winter colors or denim.

Why not other brands? We are including brands that do not go on sale after the summer season for a reasonable price. Why not other sizes? Space constraints.
Please see email on Junior and maternity other restrictions.

Check out tagging tips on our FB page for some great ways to keep camisoles and blue jeans in place on hangers!