Seller Tip - Media Tagging

If you are selling books, DVDs or other media at the upcoming event, please remember to put your tags on the FRONT of the item as shown in this picture on our Facebook photo album (you do not need to belong to facebook to see it and you do not need to retag if you have already put the tags on the back). Try scrolling through the album once you click and check out the Tagging 101 pictures:

It is also available on our main website at: (Scroll down and you will see the book and DVD picture)

This allows for shoppers to see the prices easily while shopping and allows for any non-sold items to be more aptly sorted after the event :)
Also, remember that VCR tapes are no longer accepted.
Computer media should not be older than 3 years or it will not sell.

All games (DVDs, CDs, game system media, etc) must be in a storage case and not placed in the sale without protective cases.

Thank you for helping to assure things so smoothly!

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