Seller specific information has been removed and helpful links added for the email below sent to sellers.

The Kidsignments 27th Spring & Summer Event is almost here! Thank you very much for helping this event be a success! The following email has some additional information regarding the preview Sale, pick up information and check date for the upcoming event.

Drop off expedite tips:

  • Bundle your clothes before you put them in your car to help keep them separated until you place them on the rolling racks - bundle the hangers using something easy to remove
  • Sort clothes by gender and size - remember 4t and 4 are different sizes as are 6 and 6X!
  • Put clothes on rack to be checked in by gender and size
  • Separate coats(fall event only), swimsuits(spring event only), pjs\robes, leotards and long haning items since they will have separate area to hang on the racks
  • As part of our safety measures due to COVID, all items will be sprayed with a environmentally friendly and safe disenfectant upon entry into the building. After being treated, you will take your items to the next available helper to be screened. You will place all your non clothing items on the check in tables with tags facing up. Once all items have been placed, you will switch spots with the helper behind our makeshift barriers. Please remain on the opposite side of the barrier until the helper has let you know they are finished.
  • Bring your non clothing items in totes or laundry baskets sorted by the groups listed on the drop off details email, it will help you to put your items on the sale floor!
  • After you have placed your clothing items on the sales floor in proper place, please wipe down the rolling rack with sanitizing wips and make available for the next seller please!

    Additional details at:

    ************        Preview Sale ~ Sunday Feb 6 *****************
    The Sellers' Preview is 9am to 7pm. Occupancy is limited in both buildings. We have made the preview all day to allow for you to pick a time that works best for you. Infants and children will be permitted after 1pm. We will also allowing special invites to come and shop later in the day (after 3pm) on a limited basis so please keep this in mind also.

    Coming out to shop preview! Woo hoo! Bring your list! Remember to plan ahead for holidays, birthdays and special events to save the most!
    Our favorite Chick-Fil-A will not be at theSpring 2022 event still due to COVID precaution.

    We try to do our best to make shopping fun! Especially when you are finding sooooo many great bargains! Many of you have told us you take advantage of every minute and shop until the last call. This only happens twice a year!

    Check out cool stuff! Any important updates will be posted on our Facebook page. We also post pictures here throughout the check in days.
    Note that you do not need to have a Facebook account to see our information:

  • If you plan on being in line to enter the event early, please only plan on being in ONE line at a time. Place holding is not allowed and the folks standing in line will not permit you to break back in line.
  • When shopping preview, you must have your pass to enter. It is not transferable and cannot be traded, sold or otherwise transferred to anyone else.
  • When paying for your purchases, we cannot accept credit cards or checks in someone elses name(spouse, mom, daughter, etc.)
    Please do not ask the helper to make an exception - they cannot! We get asked to call a spouse for permission to accept their credit cards several times during the sale and we are very sorry, but we cannot do this.

    Take care of yourself…..It can be very cold outside so remember to wear appropriate clothing & stay hydrated. (Special note to our smoking sellers - please step far far far away from the line. I had a complaint in 2011 (long time ago!) about someone smoking in line and expecting moms really appreciate it if you step far away please.) You will be coming into a climate controlled building so please take it slow when you enter to not get ‘rushed’. 

    Please respect your fellow sellers and properly place your unwanted items back on the proper racks! We love our Kidsignments Family! This is the time to have FUN!

    Play fair...Please remember that we do not allow hoarding of items when you shop. The policemen are very good at quickly addressing this when it is observed. They will have the helpers quickly hang up all the items and pull the person doing this aside to explain why this is not fair to the other shoppers and the sellers of the items that are hoarded. I have not allowed past sellers who have done this to continue to sell at the event as well. We do not feel that this type of shopping is the kind of experience that is fair at this event, so we do not permit this. If you see any ‘suspicious’ shopping behavior at any time during this event, please bring it to the attention of one of the officers immediately. Also, if you see an expecting Mom having ‘issues’ please let us know. This is an exciting time but we like our record of carrying everything for the baby, but not delivering the baby! : )

    Remember to come back on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday to shop for the discounted price bargains!

    Preview Line:
    We will not have physical check out lines. We will be using an app for checkout queue. Information will be posted on your preview pass on how to proceed to checkout. This allows you to keep shopping while you wait your turn to checkout!

    Two Important Dates:
    1) Pick-up of unsold items is Monday, Feb. 14 9AM to 7PM. No phone calls will be made. After 7 PM any remaining items become the property of Kidsignments and are donated to a charity of our choice. When you pick up your unsold items, PLEASE make sure to take a moment and double check to make sure they are all yours. We try extremely hard to double and triple check items but you know your items and we need you to check too!

    If you have never picked up your items before, here is how it works. When you come to pickup your items, once you are the fairgrounds, you will let us know you are here by scanning the QR code on your pass or typing in the website. We will send you a text to let you know we have your items all ready for you and to proceed to the pickup table to check to insure all the items are yours. After double checking, please also check the lost and found and stuffed animal. Any items that you claim must be shown to our helper in this area who will record this information.

    The helper at the entrance door will check your photo id and pickup pass to ensure the code and name matches. If you are sending someone to pickup your items for you, please send a note with them signed by you giving them permission.

    We sort the unsold items sometimes way into the night and even though we do double check the items, we are human. Please spend a moment to ensure all items you are picking up are yours. You will give your pickup pass to this helper and then exit through the exit door. Since we have many helpers all helping to get sellers' items at the same time, it is possible that someone that was ahead of you in line may finish this before you do. We have a very large sales floor and even though the helpers retrieve each sellers items in the order that you have provided your codes to us, it takes time for the helper to go back into the sales area and collect all items. They are numerically ordered across the sales floor and each seller has different amounts of unsold items.

    2) Seller's Checks will be mailed on March 17. We have extensive checks and balances processes we do when we scan in your tags after the event. We try to mail checks as soon as they are ready.

    We greatly appreciate you choosing Kidsignments to sell with and hope that we can do our best to surpass your expectations!

    See You Very Soon & Happy Tagging!
    Jeri Lynn
    Kidsignments, Inc.