Pickup of Unsold Items Email

This is just a reminder that pick-up of all unsold items will be:
Monday, February 17 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM & 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM.

REMEMBER - we will not release your items to anyone other than the seller UNLESS the person picking up the items has a release letter and the seller's pick-up ticket.
This is because only you know your items. If an item is returned to you in error, someone else would not notice this.
If you need someone to pick up your items for you, please send your preview pass with them and sign it similar to "I, [full name] give FULL NAME permission to pick up my items for code [CODE].'

When you come to pick up your items, please note that 10:00 AM is a very popular time. We do not open the doors for pick-up until 10:00 AM (no earlies).
Try waiting if you can until 12 PM and you will have a much quicker experience. Afternoon pick-ups are much less crowded than the morning hours.

When you come to pick up your unsold items please:
1) Enter the same door you entered when you dropped off your items and give your code to the helper with the clipboard and present your id.
2) Check the lost and found for any items that may have become separated from the tag.
3) Listen for your seller code to be called by a helper.
4) Check all items returned to you to verify that they are your items before you leave. If someone is picking up your items for you, they also need to do this.
PLEASE do this prior to leaving the building.
5) Take the card board box that we have your items in with you! We purchased over 3500 boxes for this event and not all of them will fit in the dumpster we get for this event.
If you would like to take any of the extra boxes with you, you are very welcome to take as many as you like.
6) Thank a helper! They work very hard to watch over your items during this event and appreciate you selling with us.

ALL ITEMS remaining after 7:00 PM will automatically be donated to a charity of Kidsignments choice. No phone calls will be made.
The donation truck comes promptly at 7:00 PM and we have to vacate the building. Our contract expires on Monday.

Look for your check to arrive soon after it is mailed on March 21.

Thank you again for choosing to sell with Kidsignments!

Take Care,
Jeri Lynn