Drop Off, Donate & Drive!

    Provides a way for sellers to participate selling but limit time at the event to as short as possible. Sellers that chose this option will be able to bring their items and we will place them on the event floor. All items not accepted and any remaining after the event will be donated. They do not stay for items to be checked and do not return to pick up unsold items. Helper will check to see if a few items are tagged\hung properly while seller is still present. Helper will inspect items at a later time.

    Sellers that chose to use this option:

    • Register and chose Dropoff, Donate and Drive option - if you are already registered, simply email us and ask to change your appointment to a DropOff Donate and Drive appointment. We will try to find a time close to your current appointment time if possible. This option is only available on Tuesday and Wednesday appointments.
    • Prepare and tag items as usual with one additional item - take a yellow highlighter and make a solid yellow line at the bottom of each tag
    • Bring items grouped as below to main building (mask required)
      • Clothing (February is Spring\Summer attire) - Separated by gender/size and grouped within each by similar items like:
        • Shirts - short sleeve
        • Pants or long items
        • Shorts
        • Pajamas
        • Swimwear
        • Costumes
        • Dancewear
        • Dresses
        • Capris
        • Other clothing groups not listed above
      • Non clothing items - bundled by like items if several of a group of items
    • Bring items to designated door at designated date/time (email will have details)
    • Helper will check a few items to make sure tags appear to be created and secured properly, items hung properly and no general issue with presentation
    • Once seller has signed agreement, received preview pass (if desired), verified their information, seller can then take any items to the second building and drop them off.
      Seller will not receive a pickup pass since all unsold items will be donated automatically.
    • At both buildings, after sellers departs and prior to the end of the day
      • Helper will inspect items - Any items not accepted for any reason will be donated - this includes out of season clothing and equipment older than 5 years
      • Helpers will place accepted items on sale floor
    • All unsold items for the seller will be boxed up for donation at the end of the event prior to pickup