This email was sent to registered sellers with 'tips' for the next event. Seller specific information has been removed and helpful links added.

This event is for FALL/WINTER items only.

NEW & Reminders:
* No DVDs or computer games accepted without cases
* Cardstock paper must be used for tags
* We LOVE double barcoded tags the best!
* Tag should go on the front of all media :
* Pant hanging with Duct tape tip
* SHOES - important reminder - There are 3 'groupings' of shoe sizes: childrens, Youth, and adult. PLEASE if you are bringing a YOUTH sized shoe, make sure to put it in the YOUTH size boxes! Juniors shoes are restricted to the brands listed at

• Recalls –
you MUST screen for recalls – recalled items are not safe and we know you want to get them out of little hands. The law does not permit recalled items to be sold. *** If you have performed a recall on an item, we are very sorry but due to the difficulty for us to be able to determine if the recall has been done or if it has been properly done, we are unable to accept those items. Also, the way the law is written, interpretation is subjective so we are error of the side of caution and safety. *** You will have to sign your agreement stating you have checked for recalls. Recall email with more details:

Important seller tips:

  • See Seller Tips link on for complete tagging instruction
  • Use the Tape Tags for tags needing masking tape and only tape at top and bottom of tag
  • PLEASE tell every expecting mom you see about Kidsignments! Maternity items are always abundant.
  • We DO NOT have racks for 5T –mark 5T on the size on the tag, but hang these on the 5 rack See size list
  • Check your codes on your tags please – I usually have at least one seller mark some or all of their tags with someone else’s code
  • Shop ahead by signing up to help!
  • Donating a door prize? Email me with a subject line of ‘Door Prize’ so I know and can approv. We do not accept 'service' type door prizes.
  • PLEASE use the barcoded prices on your tags & remember NR must be preprinted (no handwritten NRs accepted)
  • Strollers or other large items, in addition to your tag, write your code on a piece of masking tape and tape it underneath your stroller (or other large item) in case the tag falls off.
  • Shoes – same as strollers, put a piece of tape with your code (and price too including NR) on it to the bottom of each shoe. Please do the same on any item with small pieces or items where the tag could come off.
  • We do not accept inflatable items (they do not stay inflated and if they were, they may not survive the massive shopping!
  • Carseats must be less than 5 years old and NEVER been in an accident – you will have to sign your agreement that this is correct. If you are not the original owner and therefore unable to certify that, please do not bring it.
  • Drop off information will be sent later in a separate email closer to drop offs
  • Sellers canceling after Aug. 3 will not be permitted to sell for 2 events
  • Want to prescreen your furniture so you do not bring it all the way to the fairgrounds to be sent back? Furniture needs to be in great shape to sell here ~ our shoppers expect nice items. Email me a picture or your item and I can try my best to tell you if it will be accepted (you will need to check for recalls still). Please note that we do not accept household furniture – only kids items! Do not bring your office desk or bookshelves ~ they will not sell here (we speak from experience).
  • Items containing lead and certain plastics chemicals – laws are in place that restrict lead in items intended for children’s use as well as certain chemicals in plastics. We have added additional items to our ‘not accepted’ list to try to help screen out these items.

How do you size your clothes?

This is so important to make sure you put the size on your tag that allows your item to be properly hung on the sale floor. Manufacturers have really gotten more creative in their sizes over the past few years so I hope this helps. Click here make sure that you are sizing your items correctly.

Discount days:

Thurs. Aug 17-- items without a NR on the preprinted tags are 25% off
Fri. Aug 18 – items without a NR on the preprinted tags are 25% off
Sat.Aug 19– items without a NR on the preprinted tags are 50% off

PLEASE only use NR only on a few of your special items - if your item has not sold prior to the discount days starting, it is probably priced a bit too high. Shoppers on the discount days are targeting tags without NR!

Tape Tags! - Please, please please use these tags for items you need to adhere to the item with masking tape. Why is this so important? Removing these tags at checkout allows us to go much quicker allowing for faster checkout. And remember, only use SAFETY PINS when you are pinning your tags to soft goods such as clothing. Do not under any circumstances use straight pins, staples, glue, or any other way to attach the tag.

Conserve paper and print more tags on a page: I have put a tip how to do this on the page where you print the tags.

Want to shop ahead and without a crowd? You have to volunteer a lot of hours to do this, but our helpers are usually the same ones each time since they really love this opportunity. Imagine standing in front of your size of clothing and only shopping with 1 or 2 other helpers – sound like fun? Sign up to help at:

Fliers – Please feel free to print the fliers from our site and put up on your church, work, school, etc bulletin boards! Share the news about this event! We have 4 colorful versions this event.

Need First Time Shopper Tips- check them out here!

Need First Time Seller Tips- check them here!
Of course under “How to Tag” and “FAQ” you will find all the great instructions on how to prepare your items.

Here are the answers to the top questions I usually start receiving about this time:

1. Where do I get hangers? Do you supply them? No, we do not supply you with hangers. Try your neighbors, relatives, dry cleaners, co-workers (and/or your spouse's co-workers) and your spare closets. You would be surprised how willing folks are to give away their extra hangers when you ask! Our experience has shown that wire hangers work the best to make sure your items remain on their hangers for the entire event. The tubular plastic hangers tend to bend and break very easily. They also have more problems with the safety pins remaining closed at the top of the hanger when pants are hung from them. We do not like thin, crispy, plastic store hangers as they tend not to survive the first day of shopping and end up breaking and your item will drop down on the floor. If you bring non-wire hangers, please note our helpers will advise you to use wire hangers and that they are apt to break. They will not reject them but we really prefer wire ones. Need alot? Try ordering online like one seller just emailed us previously from

Need great safety pins? We buy our great strong and sturdy safety pins from: (They sometimes have sales like, buy 2 get 1 free.)

2. I have more than I told you. Can I bring them all at my original drop off time? Yes, you may bring all you can tag (provided it is the right season) at your original drop off time. We are very used to being asked this question.

3. When do I receive my preview pass? You will receive your pass when you have completed the entire checkin process.

4. When is pick up? Pickup of unsold items is Monday, Aug. 21 from 10am – 1pm and again from 5pm – 7pm. All unclaimed items (including lost and found items) are all donated to a local charity of Kidsignments choice after 7pm on Aug. 21. We are not able to accommodate any special requests for a different date or time.

Toys with lots of parts

You know these items, the ones you have been constantly picking up off the floor. Very important! Make sure all the pieces are there, bag them in a Ziploc, seal the bag with packing tape and secure the bag to the toy. PLEASE use masking tape since packing tape sometimes takes off the paint on the toy.


Twice a year Gwinnett area stores seem to run out of safety pins…hmmm….I wonder? Yes, this does happen so make sure you get your pins now! Don’t wait until a few days before! PLEASE make sure to use strong Safety Pins when hanging heavier clothing items (such as older kids jeans and Maternity items). If a pin bends as you are sticking it through, then it probably won't hold up to shopping and will end up on the floor which leads to your clothing getting dirty. See our link above for great safety pins. Do not use tagging guns! They do not hold up to the serious shopping that occurs at this event.

Door Prizes

If you would like to donate a prize for the drawing, please email me with a subject line of ‘Kidsignments Door Prize’ as soon as possible. We do not accept service type door prizes.


I have a few openings for Kidsignments Helpers. We fill the openings based on what sizes you are shopping. We make sure that Kidsignments helpers are shopping different sizes since this is one way to assure that our helpers do not make a dent in the racks when they shop. If you have already completed the form this month, you will be hearing from us shortly. We fill spots making sure no size is being overloaded with helpers. If you would like to help and haven’t signed up, please go to

One last tip I have for you (well, there are a bunch more on the FAQ( Frequently asked Questions) page on the site : ) I strongly encourage you to use the 'NR' option on your tags as little as possible. If an item has been on the sale floor for the preview sale as well as 4 additional full sale days, it has had a really good opportunity to be shopped. If you really don't want to bring it back home with you (and fill up that nice closet you just cleaned out), please use the 'NR' option very selectively. Also, you must use the tags with the NR preprinted on them for this event. We do not accept tags where the NR has been handwritten on them. We also do not accept tags where the NR has been altered in any way (crossed out, cut off, etc).

Thank you for everything that you do to help me run this event smoothly! I give thanks for being allowed to be able to hold this event and thank you very much for being a part of this event!

Happy Tagging!