This email was sent to registered sellers with 'tips' for the next event. Seller specific information has been removed and helpful links added.

This event is for FALL/WINTER items only.

Returning sellers know what comes next in my emails……it is time to take the Kidsignments Walk through your house. Ready to walk through you house, garage and outside to find more items that could be placed at the sale and free up some wonderful space!

Can’t wait to reclaim space in your house, garage, basement, attic and outside too! The Fall Kidsignments event is a great place to sell bikes, scooters, basketball hoops, sports nets, slides, swings, tennis rackets, balls, swings, and all those wonderful outdoor toys that need new kids to play with them! Spend a few moments outdoors and see what you might find. Yes we accept big stuff like ping pong tables, outside basketball poles, hockey/soccer goals and basically all the other 'big stuff' you can think off that kids and teens (and yes, grown ups too in most cases) like to have fun with!

When you come inside, check out that hall closet where the coats, jackets, hats, gloves, snowsuits, sweaters, boots, and other cold weather items are hiding out. Backpacks taking up space? Wash them good and tag them too!

Venture down the hallway (pick up the toys and tag them as you go since if they were left out they must be destined for the sale) and down to the linen closet. Reclaim the space by tagging all those sheets, bedspreads, blankets, curtains, sleeping bags, rugs, and other kids items taking up space in that wonderful closet! Oh, the space you will have when you get rid of the items looking for new homes!

Hmmm….now…. the scary place…..your child’s room. Did it become less cluttered from last few walks you did if you are a returning seller? I know my daughter's room is in serious need of the Kidsignments touch! Don’t forget to go through the toy box, under the bed (watch out there!) and also check out the book shelves. That book your child never really liked much may soon be the favorite book of another little boy or girl! Don’t forget those special holiday books! Dig out all those outgrown fall and winter clothes, jeans, capris, bathrobes, pajamas, hats, shoes, boots, belts, bags, sports gear, tights, costumes, and special attire and tah-dah! You have made space for everything you plan on buying at the sale and the holidays!

Now venture in the tv area and find those bluRays, DVDs and CDs which are very welcomed at the sale as long as they are FAMILY VIEWING FRIENDLY. They must have their cases. No media items are accepted without strong cases. Video games and system gathering dust? Tag them too! While you are tagging those items, pop into the kitchen for a snack (hey, we’re burning calories as we are doing this right?) and discover more space waiting to be reclaimed there too! Unfortunately, the bottles, cups, plates and silverware will not come to the fairgrounds due to the plastic chemical laws but you may discover other items such as lunch boxes, kids aprons or toys your children have left here that you can tag!Arts and crafts items here too? Yes - tag them too!

Hmm....where did those costumes go from last Halloween.....did you find them as you were doing the walk? Don't forget the accessories as you tag them!

Of course, any room that has toys in them is fair game for the sale if they are ready to be loved and played with by someone new!

Now walk through your house and go through your reclaimed space. No, don’t look at that pile of items you have to tag. It will be tagged and gone to the fairgrounds shortly so you don’t have to put up with it sitting there very long. You may have to remind your family of this also. When they start adding items to the pile to help, you can now certify them as Kidsignments Trained!

Reminder about the "The Don't List" - Due to the inability to easily determine which of the following have been recalled, could contain lead or regulated plastics, sanitary reasons and concern for safe usage of these items, we will not be accepting the following items in addition to not accepting any recalled items:

  • Baby Bottles or ANY item related to food consumption such as plates, sippy/cups, silverware
  • Jewelry (numerous lead recalls)
  • Teething Toys
  • Polly Pockets (Larger size without any magnets can be accepted)
  • Magnetix or other similar type magnetic toys due to recalls and CPSC alerts on these items
  • Mattresses
  • Painted wooden toys (except Brio or those made in USA) Wooden puzzles must have printed manufacturer information on them or you cannot verify they are okay.
  • Vinyl Children’s books (bath time books)
  • Car Seats older than 5 years
  • Cribs - we cannot accept any cribs - laws are in place that make it illegal to pretty much sell any preloved crib including converted toddler bed from a crib
  • Strollers, Exersaucers, high chairs, infant swings, or other large baby equipment item older than 5 years
  • Dollar Store/Dollar Tree or similar type items
  • Grab Bags that do not contain all of the same items (it is too hard for us to confirm what is in the bags if we are unable to see the items well)
  • Any recalled item even if the recall has been done since it is impossible for us to verify this

If you provide an email from the manufacturer stating that a painted wood item does not contain ANY lead and is not recalled, we will accept it. You will need to bring a copy of the email.

We also do not accept the below and any other 'non childrens type of items)

  • Household items
  • Decorative home items (candles, living room paintings, family room lamps, etc)
  • Breakables (mirrors, porcelain dolls, figurines, etc)
  • Free items that were given away such as free items at childbirth
  • Body paint,body art
  • Cook books for adults
  • Magazines or coffee table type books
  • Textbooks except homeschool curriculum
  • Bedding larger than full size
  • Food items
  • Junior items older than 3 years or not current styles
  • Maternity items older than 3 years
  • Ladies clothing - We cannot emphasize this enough - we do not accept ladies clothing
  • Ladies handbags or shoes
  • Underwear
  • Disposable diapers(unopened or opened package
  • Food items
  • Lotions, powders or liquids
  • T-shirts that are of the 'someone went to somewhere and I got was this t-shirt' type
  • Non-family movies
  • TV's, DVD players, computers, printers and other types of these electronic items.

We know you will use your best judgment when deciding what to bring.

I thank you for selling with Kidsignments and hope this sale will be a happy experience for you! I hope you have been able to claim some newly found space doing the “Kidsignments Walk” through your house!

See You Very Soon & Happy Tagging!
Jeri Lynn
Kidsignments, Inc.