Changes Due to COVID-19 for the Fall Event

    Kidsignments takes the safety our shoppers, helpers, sellers, off-duty police and all that participate in this event very seriously and has joined fellow businesses across the state that have committed to the Georgia Safety Promise. We are proud to make the Georgia Safety Promise to help keep Georgia and our community safe, working, and open for business.

    By committing to the Georgia Safety Promise, Georgia businesses – and consumers – commit to following safety guidelines from the Governor’s office and the Georgia Department of Public Health for operating during COVID-19, including promoting social distancing, wearing a face covering, cleaning surfaces, and washing and sanitizing hands. Kidsignments is proud to join this public-private partnership program to do its part to create a safe environment.

    Kidsignments has made numerous changes to this incredible event. We have held this event in August for as long as we can remember for 26 years! Due to the COVID-19 spike in cases, we moved the event back more than a month to allow for a possible decrease in the spike.

    If you have attended this event before, then you may be aware that the morning of our opening day and the first several hours of the final event day are times of high attendance. We will be limiting building occupancy during the event for both buildings. For our shoppers that love to come on closing day and find the great prices here marked down 50%, in addition to our 25% off day, we have added a 30% and 40% discount day. We hope this may encourage some of you to come on the less crowded days. We will be using virtual line management to eliminate folks waiting in lines at the event.

    No infants or kids allowed on opening day and final discount day before 2pm or until there is no line to enter(whichever is later). We will update our facebook page when they are permitted. Our lines will be virtual for this event.

    On the second day of the event, we consolidate our two buildings into the larger building. We will have our second building open the entire second day. We will be closed one day mid-event to do deep cleaning and building consolidation.

    Planning for changes to the upcoming event is a fluid and ongoing process as we do our best to determine new items. We will be updating this page to reflect additional items as they are planned.

    Changes being made for the September event:

    • Added 3 days to the duration of this event (from set up to take down) to be able to properly socially distance
    • Expanded our preview events to 2 complete day
    • Closing one day mid event for deep cleaning and building consolidation
    • Extended shopping in our second building to add a full second day
    • Added an additional discount day and tiered discount days
    • Added Line Busting for checkout - During times of the event with lines, we will be implementing virtual lines so our shoppers can continue to shop while waiting to checkout from anywhere they like on the sale floor
    • During times of high attendance, we will be using virtual lines for entry to avoid entry lines of people waiting together
    • Seller screening of items will be done differently that in the past- Instead of screening all items in one area, the entire venue floor will be used for screening of items and allow for social distancing of sellers and helpers
    • Pickup of unsold items expanded to an entire day to allow sellers to come throughout the day to avoid crowds
    • Entire venue will be potentially used for pickup day during any times where a high number of sellers are present at one time
    • Added option for sellers who wish to donate all items that do not sell or rejected at checking to “Dropoff, Donate and Drive” – Kidsignments places all items on the sale floor after screening them.
    • No dressing rooms for the September event – no trying on of clothing
    • Offering personal shopper for those that cannot wear a mask or cannot come inside the venue (by special request and appointment)

We will be following the latest public health guidelines including the below:

    1. Building capacity will be limited in both buildings per limits in place at time of event.
    2. Masks required for entry including kids. Adults that need a mask will be able to get one at the entry door (minimal cost). Gloves will also be available if shoppers or helpers would like them (minimal cost). We don’t like to hide our smiling faces but to keep all safe, it is necessary at present time following CDC guidelines and the Georgia Safety Promise.
      According to the CDC "Children 2 years and older should wear a mask over their nose and mouth when in public settings where it’s difficult to practice social distancing. "
    3. Shoppers will be welcomed by our friendly greeter with hand sanitizer upon entry to either building.
    4. Helpers will have temperatures taken before beginning their shift. Any helper who has any signs of illness will be asked to not report and to seek medical attention.
    5. Posted sign at entrance will state individuals who have a fever or other symptoms of COVID-19 shall not enter the event.
    6. EPA approved N-List nature cleaner will be used to clean and sanitize the venue using commercial electorstatic sprayer.
    7. Common surfaces will be regularly cleaned and disinfected.
    8. Hand washing signs will be posted in restrooms and also our event kitchen.
    9. Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the venue.
    10. Helpers will not gather in groups and will be socially distanced including when taking breaks.
    11. Helpers will not be sharing any common item. Any common item needed during the event will be uniquely assigned for the event duration to individuals for their use such as scissors, pens, etc.
    12. Unnecessary person-to-person contact while helping at the event is prohibited. This is a very hard item for our helpers since we look forward to seeing each other every 6 months and love to hug! Air hugs will be our new form of hugs from afar!
    13. Notices will be placed in likely to be seen places encouraging hand hygiene.
    14. Social distancing is expected by all.
    15. Checkout stations and cashers will be at least six (6) feet apart with separation barriers used.
    16. All checkout equipment will be frequently cleaned and sanitized.
    17. Where possible, paper will be eliminated to reduce touch points.
    18. Anyone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19, having exhibited symptoms of COVID-19, or having had contact with a person that has or is suspected to have COVID-19 within the past fourteen (14) days will not be allowed to enter the venue for any purpose.